Anne Seidman

30 Nov 2016

Anne Seidman

Anne Seidman, 2008 Pew Fellow. Directed by Glenn Holsten.

"I think that when we're all really young, that we have this inner self that we feel is huge. If you do work like this, and you're by yourself and you're making this work, that's what you're connecting with, and that's what you trust to make decisions."

Anne Seidman (b. 1950) describes her work as rigorous and controlled, while at the same time allowing room for spontaneity, irony, and consciousness. Seidman's practice has allowed her to explore the nature of pure painting through abstraction, suggesting friction, awkwardness, and ultimately, a sense of self. Her painting relies on a commitment to process, working through the unfamiliar until it becomes recognizable, eventually reaching a resolution.

Seidman has exhibited extensively over the years, most recently at Mercer Gallery, New York, NY; George Billis Gallery, Los Angeles; and Arcadia University, Glenside, PA. She has received many honors, including grants from the Leeway Foundation and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and Purchase Awards from both the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Arcadia University. From 1986–2010, she was a professor at the Moore College of Art and Design where she taught computer graphic and motion skills.