1 Dec 2016


Dan Murphy and Anthony Smyrski, a.k.a. Megawords, 2012 Pew Fellows. Photo by Colin Lenton.


Zine-making workshop at the Megawords storefront, 2008. Photo courtesy of the artists.


Megawords newsstand, 2010. Photo courtesy of the artists.


Megawords installation for Zoe Strauss: Ten Years at Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2012. Photo courtesy of the artists.

Megawords (run by the artist duo of Dan Murphy and Anthony Smyrski, both 2012 Pew Fellows) is self-described as "an experimental media project" that takes the form of an independently published, biannual print photography magazine, as well as related installation projects and public events. Megawords strives to create an ongoing narrative that examines daily life in cities through documentation of surroundings and experiences, without the distraction of commercialization. Murphy and Smyrski collaborate with artists, photographers, designers, writers, musicians, and other creative people in order to produce the Megawords publication. The ideas and images in the magazine encourage readers to "make a leap into the dark, to rethink their environments, neighborhoods and lifestyles, and to draw their own conclusions." In addition to past grants including 20011's Mobile Publication Studio, Megawords has expanded its practice to participate in other cultural events and convenings, including the installation of an interactive kiosk at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, as part of the Center-funded 2012 exhibition Zoe Strauss: Ten Years.