1998 Grants


Phoebe Adams – Visual Arts
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts Annenberg Center Dance Celebration
Project Grant, $10,000

Arcadia UniversityPeriod Room: A Project by Amy Hauft
Project Grant, $46,750

Arden Theatre Company – Salaries for New Full-Time Staff
Project Grant, $55,000

Myra Bazell – Extreme
Project Grant, $10,000

Bristol Riverside Theatre – Augmented Salaries and Rehearsal Time
Project Grant, $50,000

Choral Society of Montgomery County – Performances of Two Rarely-Performed Works
Discovery Grant, $33,600

Chester Springs Studio – Reenactment/Rapprochement
Project Grant, $77,250

Community Education Center – Independent Performing Artists Project
Project Grant, $18,250

Curtis Institute of Music – Commission and Production of Two Orchestra Works
Discovery Grant, $33,500

Nicole Cousineau – New Site Work
Project Grant, $10,000

Dance Affiliates – NextMove Festival
Project Grant, $30,000

Delaware Valley Philharmonic – Extended Rehearsals and Performance of a New Orchestral Work
Discovery Grant, $10,200

Steven Donegan – Visual Arts
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

The Fabric Workshop and MuseumJorge Pardo: New Work
Project Grant, $91,650

Foundation For Today's Art-Nexus – Context
Project Grant, $33,525

Daisy Fried – Literature
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Freedom Theatre – Adaptation of Sparkle
Project Grant, $40,000

The Galleries at Moore College of Art & DesignLa Futurista: Benedetta Cappa Marinetti (1917–1944)
Project Grant, $114,772

Greater Valley Community Education Center – Dance Series
Project Grant, $22,000

Michael Grothusen – Visual Arts
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Group Motion Dance CompanySpaces
Project Grant, $30,000

Jahmae Harris – Literature
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Headlong Dance TheaterA Story of Panic
Project Grant, $20,000

Hedgerow Theatre – Development of Repertory Company
Project Grant, $30,000

Ariel Weiss Holyst – Venue
Project Grant, $6,500

Mei-ling Hom – Visual Arts
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Independent Eye – The Descent of Inanna and Family Snapshots
Project Grant, $35,000

InterAct Theatre Company – Augmented Artists' Fees
Project Grant, $30,000

International House Philadelphia – International Music Series
Discovery Grant, $20,800

Homer Jackson – Visual Arts
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Roko Kawai – Kawai/Todd Project
Project Grant, $10,000

Main Line Art Center – Points of Departure: Art on the Line
Project Grant, $200,000

Mann Center for the Performing Arts – Four-Concert Jazz and Blues Series
Discovery Grant, $19,800

James Mills – Visual Arts
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Mum Puppettheatre – Seance
Project Grant, $30,000

Music Group of Philadelphia – Two Commissioned Pieces
Discovery Grant, $22,800

Orchestra 2001 – Core Ensemble and Concert Series
Discovery Grant, $39,300

Karen E. Outen – Literature
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Painted Bride Art CenterDance with the Bride
Project Grant, $25,000

Pennsylvania Ballet – Trey McIntyre New Work
Project Grant, $76,000

People's Light & Theatre Company – Artistic Advancement Program
Project Grant, $55,000

Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz – Two Concerts of New Works
Discovery, $11,800

Philadelphia Dance Company – David Brown New Work
Project Grant, $77,000

Philadelphia Folklore ProjectFolk Arts of Social Change
Project Grant, $69,985

Philadelphia Folklore ProjectPhilly Dance Africa
Project Grant, $19,750

Philadelphia Museum of ArtMuseum Studies 4: Rirkrit Tiravanija and Museum Studies 5: Gabriel Orozco
Project Grant, $84,500

Philadelphia Orchestra – New Work
Project Grant, $30,900

The Philadelphia Singers – Concerts and New Work
Discovery Grant, $14,800

Philadelphia Theatre Company – Augmented Artistic and Production Salaries
Project Grant, $50,000

Relache – Commission of New Works
Discovery Grant, $38,500

LaVaughn Robinson – Rehearsals with Germaine Ingram
Discovery Grant, $10,000

Jeanne Ruddy – Evening-Length Concert
Project Grant, $10,000

Ron Silliman – Literature
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Sruti, the India Music and Dance Society – Two-Day Workshop and Performance
Discovery Grant, $3,300

Paule Turner – Solo Dance Theater Work
Project Grant, $10,000

Tyler School of Art – A New Musical Theater Piece, Residency, and Performances
Discovery Grant, $20,900

Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble – Master Class with Kryvokhyzha Williams
Project Grant, $20,000

Jeanne Murray Walker – Literature
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Walnut Street Theatre – Augmented Salaries for Actors
Project Grant, $40,000

Afaa Michael Weaver – Literature
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Shawn Lamere Williams – Study with Glendola Yhema Millsre
Discovery Grant, $10,000

The Wilma Theater – Augmented Artists' Salaries and Rehearsal Time
Project Grant, $80,000