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Questions of Practice

As a hub for the exchange of ideas and ongoing dialogue about issues critical to artistic practice, we produce an extensive collection of resources, both online and in print. Our Questions of Practice research series features interviews with and essays by noted field leaders and thinkers, as well as in-depth publications that grow out of our experience as cultural grantmakers. Through all of our knowledge-sharing activities, we aim to advance the arts and heritage fields and connect Philadelphia’s cultural community with peers nationally and internationally.

Questions of Practice

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21 Jun 2022

Writer and Curator Laura Raicovich on “Not Normal” Museum Practices

Laura Raicovich
9 Sep 2020

Museum Director Robert Hicks & Artist Matt Adams on the Relevance of Pandemic History

Matt Adams Robert D. Hicks
20 May 2019

Questions of Practice: Bisi Silva on the Contemporary Curatorial Practice in Africa

Bisi Silva
18 Apr 2019

Questions of Practice: Curator Lumi Tan on Cross-Disciplinary Curation at The Kitchen

Lumi Tan
22 Mar 2019

Designing Museum Galleries for Contemporary Audiences: Darielle Mason & Dan Spock in Conversation

Darielle Mason Dan Spock
21 Sep 2017

Questions of Practice: Bisi Silva on considering “the Local” and “the Global” in Curatorial Practice

Bisi Silva
7 Nov 2016

Questions of Practice: Curator Lee Tusman on Curating Performance

Lee Tusman
16 Nov 2015

Questions of Practice: Visiting Scholar Kristy Edmunds on Why We Should Look Beyond the Local

Kristy Edmunds
16 Sep 2015

Questions of Practice: Performance Curator Kristy Edmunds on Risk

Kristy Edmunds
11 Sep 2015

Questions of Practice: FringeArts' Nick Stuccio on Curating Performance

Nick Stuccio
19 Aug 2015

Questions of Practice: Musician & Curator Argeo Ascani on Experimentation

Argeo Ascani
11 Feb 2015

In Perpetual Motion: An Excerpt from Jason Rhoades, Four Roads

Ingrid Schaffner
28 Jan 2015

Questions of Practice: Arcadia University's Richard Torchia on Curatorial Integrity

Richard Torchia
10 Dec 2014

On Performance Spaces and the Benefits of Failure

Kristy Edmunds
5 Jun 2014

Questions of Practice with Kristy Edmunds: Why Do You Do What You Do?

Kristy Edmunds
29 May 2014

Funeral for a Home: Excerpts from a Conversation with Robert Blackson

Rob Blackson
27 Mar 2014

Excavating Real Estate: Alan W. Moore on The Real Estate Show (1980)

Alan W. Moore
2 Jan 2014

Questions of Practice: Seth Siegelaub in Conversation with Teresa Gleadowe

13 Sep 2013

Prototype for a Re-installation: Imagine Africa @ Penn Museum

11 Jul 2013

Questions of Practice: Curator Paul Schimmel on Curating and Theater

Paul Schimmel
23 Apr 2013

Pigeons on the Grass, Alas: Valerie Cassel Oliver

Valerie Cassel Oliver
31 Oct 2012

Pigeons on the Grass, Alas: MoMA PS1's Peter Eleey

Peter Eleey
20 Oct 2012

Pigeons on the Grass, Alas: Nato Thompson

Nato Thompson
11 Sep 2012

American Impresario: Helene and Robert Browning

Toni Shapiro-Phim
29 Mar 2012

American Impresario: George Wein

2 Jan 2012

Pigeons on the Grass, Alas: Dan Byers

21 Dec 2011

Jan Ramirez on the National September 11 Memorial & Museum

Jan Ramirez
12 Oct 2011

Pigeons on the Grass, Alas: Astria Suparak

Astria Suparak
21 Jun 2011

American Impresario: John Schaefer

John Schaefer
7 Jun 2010

Painting and Its Exhibitions: Talking with Thomas Nozkowski and Robert Storr

Thomas Nozkowski Robert Storr