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Questions of Practice

As a hub for the exchange of ideas and ongoing dialogue on issues critical to cultural practice, we present a lively range of activities. Our Questions of Practice research series of online essays and interviews, symposia and lectures, and in-depth publications, explores evolving lines of inquiry that respond to our experience as grantmakers and connect Philadelphia’s cultural community with peers nationally and internationally.

Questions of Practice

Date Title Contributors
6 Nov 2017

Questions of Practice: Ernesto Pujol on Reciprocal Relationships with Communities

Ernesto Pujol
10 Apr 2017

Questions of Practice: Visual Artist Jeanne van Heeswijk on Collective Authorship

Jeanne van Heeswijk
11 Apr 2016

Questions of Practice: Composer and Pianist Vijay Iyer and Librettist Mike Ladd on Multivocality

Vijay Iyer Mike Ladd
14 Aug 2014

Keynote Essay by George E. Lewis: What Is a Co-author?

George E. Lewis
1 Jul 2014

An Introduction to Co-Authorship

21 Nov 2013

Questions of Practice: Artist Song ErRui on Collaboration

25 Jul 2013

The Many Arms of Group Sound

13 Jul 2013

White Box Residencies: Dan Blacksberg & David Gutkin

Dan Blacksberg
10 Jun 2013

Talking with Data Garden: Co-Composing with Plants

1 May 2013

Questions of Practice: Curator Helen Molesworth on Authorship

Helen Molesworth
27 Mar 2013

Breaking Down Invisible Walls: The Visiting Artist As Dramaturge

Ain Gordon
7 Feb 2013

J-Sette and the Collaborative Process Behind Jumatatu Poe's Private Places

jumatatu m. poe
15 Nov 2012

Push Me, Pull You: Questions of Co-authorship

10 Oct 2012

Rabbit Suits & Revolutions: Dito van Reigersberg on Pig Iron's Zero Cost House

Dito van Reigersberg
24 Sep 2012

Push Me, Pull You: Ain Gordon

Ain Gordon
17 Sep 2012

Push Me, Pull You: MiJin Hong

13 Aug 2012

Push Me, Pull You: Nate Wooley

25 Jul 2012

Push Me, Pull You: Dorothy Noyes

13 Jul 2012

Push Me, Pull You: Kristin Van Loon and Arwen Wilder of HIJACK

5 Jul 2012

Push Me, Pull You: Jerry Yoshitomi

29 Jun 2012

Push Me, Pull You: Krithika Rajagopalan

22 Jun 2012

Push Me, Pull You: Cassie Chinn

Cassie Chinn
15 Jun 2012

Push Me, Pull You: Roxane Gay

8 Jun 2012

Push Me, Pull You: Michael Rohd

Michael Rohd
1 Jun 2012

Push Me, Pull You: Kenneth Goldsmith

Kenneth Goldsmith
2 Mar 2012

The Further Adventures of the Wooster Group's Kate Valk

Kate Valk