Timothy Belknap

18 Jun 2018


Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue, Killjoy’s Kastle, audience members participate in a conversation regarding their tour. Photograph by Tony Coelho.


Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue, Killjoy’s Kastle. Photo courtesy of Timothy Belknap.


Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue, Killjoy’s Kastle installation view, graveyard of dead lesbian feminist organizations, businesses, and ideas. Photograph courtesy of artist.

Timothy Belknap is a Philadelphia artist and curator and co-director of Icebox Project Space at Crane Arts. Belknap received a BA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and an MFA in sculpture from Tyler School of Art. He has curated and collaborated with over 100 artists, and his own work has recently been exhibited in both Philadelphia and New York City, garnering coverage in ArtNews, Title Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer and WHYY, among others. In 2018, Belknap received a Center Project grant to present Killjoy’s Kastle, a large-scale, interactive performance in the form of a haunted house created by the collaborative artistic team of Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue.