Scott Magelssen

30 Nov 2016

Scott Magelssen is associate professor of theater at Bowling Green State University, where he teaches theater history and performance studies, and is the editor of The Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism. He is also the author of Living History Museums: Undoing History through Performance (Scarecrow Press, 2007). He co-edited Theatre Historiography: Critical Interventions (University of Michigan Press, 2010) with Henry Bial, Querying Difference in Theatre History (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007) with Ann Haugo, and Enacting History (University of Alabama Press, 2011) with Rhona Justice-Malloy. His current book project, Simming, treats the performance of meaning in live, immersive, simulated environments. With Henry Bial, he hosts the website Theater Historiography. Magelssen served as a Center heritage panelist in 2012 and 2010, and a heritage LOI panelist in 2012.