Ronnie McGhee

30 Nov 2016

Ronnie McGhee has over 30 years of professional practice in architecture, including 15 years as partner-in-charge and owner of R. McGhee & Associates, a Washington D.C. architectural firm specializing in urban design, adaptive reuse, and existing building rehabilitation and restoration. He has served on the D.C. Historic Preservation Review Board for six years and he is listed with both the D.C. Historic Preservation Review Branch and U.S. Park Service as a Historic Architect. McGhee believes that architects have a responsibility and a role to play in defining the direction and future of their communities. He has concentrated his recent work on the design of sustainable new and existing libraries, offices, residences, and retail spaces that reflect good construction and urban design practices and foster neighborhood development. McGhee is an associate professor at Howard University's School of Architecture and Design. He was a Center heritage panelist in 2011.