Richard Evans

30 Nov 2016


Richard Evans.

Richard Evans is co-founder and president of EmcArts, a New York City firm that describes itself as "a social enterprise for innovation and adaptive change in the arts." It works to strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of nonprofit arts and cultural organizations, helping them design and manage innovation and adapt to a changing environment. Evans directs EmcArts' programs and strategic partnerships, with a particular focus on helping the arts and culture field respond to the demands of a new era for the sector. His studies on innovation and capacity building led to his design for the Innovation Lab for the Performing Arts and the Innovation Lab for Museums, national programs that help these organizations thrive through change, and the New Pathways for the Arts Initiative, a series of community-based innovation programs active in cities across the country. Prior to founding EmcArts, Evans held several senior positions in performing arts management and philanthropy, including co-director of the National Endowment for the Arts' Advancement Program; chief executive of the Bath International Festival of Music & the Arts, England; and vice president of the National Arts Stabilization Fund. Evans visited the Center in 2012 for a presentation and workshop titled "Innovation and Resilience in a New Era for the Arts."