Oliver Herring

23 May 2017


Oliver Herring, Areas for Action

Oliver Herring is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY who works in installation, sculpture, video, and performance. His work has been exhibited around the world at venues including The Museum of Modern Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Victoria and Albert Museum, and Kyoto Art Center, among others. Throughout the 1990s, Herring became known for his series of hand-knit Mylar and tape that marked time through the accumulation of incremental stitched units. In 2002, he created the improvisatory art event TASK, an ongoing series of events and workshops used in classrooms and communities as a way to access contemporary art in a way that is experimental, open-ended, and accessible. In 2009, The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery presented Me Us Them, a 15-year survey of Herring's work. Herring served as an LOI panelist in Exhibitions & Public Interpretation in 2017.