Lisa Kraus

30 Nov 2016

A resident of Philadelphia since 2000, Lisa Kraus has worked extensively as a performer, choreographer, teacher, and writer. With Center support, Kraus recently established a new platform for dance writing and commentary with, a site that exists to "catalyze conversation about dance and to develop the skills of dance writers in the Philadelphia area." Her current challenge, which reflects a field-wide issue across the performing arts sector, is how to develop this project into an alternative and substantial platform for disseminating understanding about how to see and think about dance.

Kraus has contributed several articles to The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage's Document(s) series, a library of commentary on people and issues in the dance field:

"Nieuwe Nederlandse Dans: On the Dutch Hothouse and the Blossoming of Dance" (PDF) >

"Presence : Absence: The Search for Isadora Duncan on Kopanos" (PDF) >

"Six Reflections / Six Snapshots from Hong Kong and Cambodia" (PDF) >