Koyo Kouoh

25 Mar 2019


Koyo Kouoh, photo courtesy of RAW Material Company.

Koyo Kouoh is the founding artistic director of RAW Material Company, a center for art, knowledge, and society in Dakar, Senegal. She was the curator of the education program at 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair in London, and she has served as curatorial advisor for documenta 12 (2007) and 13 (2012) and curated “Still (the) Barbarians,” 37th EVA International, Ireland’s Biennial (2016) as well as numerous other international exhibitions. Kouoh has also collaborated in different capacities with the Dakar Biennial. In 2017, as part of its Center-supported I is for Institute project, the Institute of Contemporary Art presented a conversation with Kouoh on RAW’s rigorous and wide-ranging approach to curatorial projects, education initiatives, and residencies.