Jeffrey Inscho

14 Dec 2017


Jeffrey Inscho. Photo by Joshua Franzos.

Jeffrey Inscho is director of The Studio at Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, where he explores the intersection of culture, technology, DIY, and mindfulness. In 2017, he served the Center as a visiting technologist, leading discussions with Center staff and grantees on forward-thinking technology work in the arts and culture field. At The Studio, he has directed a range of innovative technology projects, including the interactive experience “Section of Mystery” for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the Light Clock at Carnegie Museum of Art. Prior to his tenure at The Studio, Inscho held positions at The Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Mellon University, and the Mattress Factory. He is co-host of the podcast, Museopunks, presented by the American Alliance of Museums, with Suse Anderson of The George Washington University.