Jane Golden

30 Nov 2016


Jane Golden. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Jane Golden is the founder and executive director of the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program (Mural Arts), the largest public art program in the nation. She works from the belief that public art can affect community outcomes, and oversees Mural Arts programs in art education, restorative justice, and behavioral health. Under Golden's direction, Mural Arts has created more than 3,800 works of public art in the Philadelphia area, including Center-funded projects such as Steve Powers' Love Letter (2009) and Katharina Grosse's psychylustro (2014), as well as the forthcoming A Desert Home Companion (2015) by Michael Rakowitz, which will weave stories of American veterans from the Iraq War and the Iraqi refugee community. She is the recipient of the Philadelphia Award, a 2012 Governor's Award for Innovation in the Arts, an Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship Award, and Philadelphia Magazine's Trailblazer Award.