Esailama Diouf-Henry

29 Jun 2018

Esailama Diouf-Henry is co-founder of Nfungotah Inc., dedicated to supporting African diaspora arts and performing artist, and she is co-owner of Bissap Breeze LLC. She began her professional career as a performing artist with Diamano Coura West African Dance Company, founded in 1975 by Emmy Award winner Dr. Zakariya Diouf and Naomi Gedo Diouf. Diouf-Henry has worked independently with a range of choreographers and directors in the US, including the late Dr. Pearl Primus and Kemoko Sano, and with companies such as the Balé Folclórico da Bahia, Les Ballets Africains, and The Liberian National Cultural Troupe. Internationally, she has worked with director John Martin (London) and performing companies such as Le Ballet National du Sénégal, Theatre for Africa, and Abhinaya Theatre Research Centre (India). In 2018, she served as a Center LOI panelist in Performance.