Avital Ronell

30 Nov 2016


Avital Ronell. Photo by Britt Harwood.

Avital Ronell is University Professor of the Humanities and a professor of German, English, and comparative literature at New York University (NYU), and the Jacques Derrida Professor of Media and Philosophy at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. Prior to her appointment at NYU, she taught at the University of California at Berkeley. She is the author of numerous substantial works, including Dictations (1986), The Telephone Book (1989), Crack Wars (1992), Stupidity (2001), The Test Drive (2005), and, most recently, Loser Sons: Politics and Authority (2012). Her writing, motored by exasperation, going after an infinitely postponed justice, investigating the repressed conditions of knowledge, has made her one of the major forces in contemporary literary criticism and philosophy.