1 Dec 2016


Audience at a sold out First Person Arts Grand Slam. Photo by Jen Cleary.


Sincerely Philadelphia: A Letter to Our New President, presented by WHYY and First Person Arts. Photo by Johanna Austin.


StorySlam winner Nimisha Ladva competes for the title of "Best Storyteller in Philadelphia" at the Season 10 Grand Slam. Photo by Jen Cleary.

WHYY is the region's leading public media company and PBS/NPR member station serving one of the nation's top 10 markets, with more than 2.9 million households in the 5-county greater Philadelphia region, the State of Delaware, and all of Southern New Jersey. WHYY's multimedia outreach includes WHYY-TV, WHYY-FM, and the award-winning online home for news and civic dialogue, NewsWorks.org. WHYY further serves the community through "off-air" programs such as community forums, artistic performances, lectures, and a variety of media education programs for youth, educators and adult learners in its Public Media Commons. WHYY's strategic approach is to use on-air and online content to drive in-person audience engagement. In 2016, in partnership with First Person Arts, WHYY received Center support to create a series of public media broadcasts and podcasts at the intersection of journalism and personal storytelling.