Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

1 Dec 2016


Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble performing Ukrainian Gypsies, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, June 2017. Photo by Hayim Heron, courtesy of Jacob’s Pillow Dance.


Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble in Hopak. Photo by Andrew Zvarytch.


Image courtesy of Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble.

Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble promotes artistic exchange and dialogue between Ukrainians and the global community through dance. The company’s performances combine Ukrainian and American aesthetics, drawing upon classical, contemporary, and folkloric dance forms to create meaningful, transcultural experiences. Center-funded projects include Steppes (2008), a production danced to live music by master violinist Vasyl Popadiuk and his band Papa Duke; and Carnival (2011), a world premiere work by renowned choreographer Mark Morris, in collaboration with the Ukrainian Virsky Dance Ensemble. In 2017, Voloshky received a Center Discovery grant to research Crimean Tatar choreographic practices, with the goal of incorporating Crimean choreography into its company repertoire.