Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education

1 Dec 2016


Jackie Brookner, Veden Taika (The Magic of Water), 2007, earth and plantings. Image courtesy of the artist.

In 2011, the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education embarked on a wholesale reinvention of its art program. Today, the organization does not only present art inspired by the environment; it also commissions art that fulfills its missions of land preservation, restoration, and education. The Schuylkill Center "uses our forests and fields as a living laboratory to foster appreciation, deepen understanding, and encourage stewardship of the environment." The Center funded this transition and the environmental symposium that concluded it. With follow-up support from the Center, the Schuylkill Center also created a fundraising plan to help the organization identify new funding opportunities for its environmental art program, create a plan for cross-departmental collaboration, and develop relationships with other institutions that can become allies.