Piffaro, the Renaissance Band

1 Dec 2016


Piffaro, the Renaissance Band. Photo by Katrin Talbot.


Piffaro, the Renaissance Band in performance in May 2015. Photo by Bill Dicecca.


Piffaro, the Renaissance Band in performance in October 2014. Photo by Bill DiCecca.

Founded in Philadelphia in 1980, Piffaro performs 15th- through 17th-century music. Under the artistic direction of Joan Kimball and Robert Wiemken, the ensemble has released 16 CDs since 1992, including four on the prestigious Deutsche Grammophon/Archiv Produktion label, as well as on Dorian Recordings and Parma/Navano. In 2011, Piffaro produced Music in New Spain, a Center-funded project that explored the historic music resulting from Spain's encounter with indigenous civilizations in Central and South America during its 16th-century imperial expansion. In 2015, Piffaro received Center support to present The Musical World of Don Quixote, a music and movement performance offering audiences a distinctive interpretation of Miguel de Cervantes' four-century-old classic, Don Quixote.