Moore College of Art & Design

1 Dec 2016


Melanie Smith, Orange Lush, 1995/2015, installation view of Strange Currencies, The Galleries at Moore. Photo by Kait Privitera.

Established in 1848, Moore College of Art & Design is the first and only visual arts college historically for women in the US. In 2020, Moore opened admission to non-binary, transgender, and gender-fluid students. In addition to its BFA and graduate studies programs, it houses The Galleries at Moore, which offer free exhibitions and programming that explore contemporary art and ideas. The Galleries have featured a number of solo exhibitions and group exhibitions dedicated to significant women artists and designers, including Janet Biggs, Dara Birnbaum, Adrian Piper, and the Guerrilla Girls. With grant support from the Center, the Galleries have organized scholarly surveys on the work of Artur Barrio (Brazil), Valie Export (Austria), Raymond Hains (France), and Jörg Immendorff (Germany). A 2014 Center grant supported Strange Currencies, an exhibition exploring how Mexico City’s artist-run spaces of the 1990s shaped the city’s contemporary art landscape. In 2020, Moore received a Center Discovery grant for Exploring Our Neighborhoods: Norris Square, a collaboration between the college and the Norris Square Community Alliance to develop new forms of art-based civic engagement in a historic Puerto Rican neighborhood in North Philadelphia.