Intercultural Journeys

9 Jun 2017


Egungun procession, 2014. Photographer: Toni Shapiro-Phim.

Intercultural Journeys seeks to promote understanding and bridge cultural divides among people of diverse faiths and cultures through the presentation of music, dance, and spoken word performances. Formed in 1998, Intercultural Journeys has held nearly 150 concerts featuring international artists such as Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai, Palestinian composer Simon Shaheen, jazz violinist Diane Monroe, and Chinese erhu player Jiebing Chen. In 2017, Intercultural Journeys received a Center grant to present Modupúe | Ibaye: The Philadelphia Yoruba Performance Project, which explores Yoruba performance practices and traditions, originating from West Africa, and their role in shaping Philadelphia’s social and cultural landscape.