Drexel University College of Medicine Legacy Center Archives

1 Dec 2016


Legacy Center project intern Alex Miller, project intern Isabel Parker, and project manager Melissa Mandell research the collection and select documents for a student session in 2011. Image courtesy of Drexel University College of Medicine.


Dorel Shanon (standing), facilitates a breakout group discussion at a team meeting. Pictured from left to right: Dale McCreedy of the Franklin Institute; Joanne Murray of the Legacy Center; Aroutis Foster of Drexel University Goodwin College; Scott Roberts of the Annenberg Center for Public Policy; and Amy J. Cohen of J.R. Masterman School. Image courtesy of Drexel University College of Medicine.


Middle school-aged science campers compare primary sources from the Legacy Center with secondary online sources at the Franklin Institute in August, 2011.. The students explored photographs and documents about the American Women’s Hospital Service’s efforts to fight disease and malnutrition in 1930s Appalachia. Image courtesy of Drexel University College of Medicine.

The Legacy Center at Drexel is the repository for the records of Drexel's predecessor institution, the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania, which was established in 1850 as the first medical school for women in the United States. This archival collection documents the many roles women have played and continue to play in the medical field, and reveals stories of women who courageously and successfully challenged the status quo in their time. In an effort to make these records more accessible, particularly to girls and young women, the Legacy Center will take materials from this vast collection, formerly accessible to researchers and scholars only, and make them available online. This project will offer a new model of interpretation of these archives, through online learning tools that demystify history through guided discovery, and games developed with the input of high school students.