David Dempewolf / Yuka Yokoyama (a.k.a. Marginal Utility)

1 Dec 2016


Mark Tribe, The Liberation of Our People: Angela Davis, 1969/2008, Port Huron Project, 5-minute video based on a 10-minute speech.

One of Philadelphia's smartest and scrappiest small, no-profit art spaces, Marginal Utility, run by curators David Dempewolf and Yuka Yokoyama, is known for forging long-term commitments with artists. This departure from alternative space norms enables it to follow artists' careers over years and provide project support at key moments. The gallery then contextualizes the resultant exhibitions through dialogic convenings and a newsprint publication, which it distributes freely at around the city. With Center support, Marginal Utility presented one of its most ambitious projects to date, Five Acts: Chronicles of Dissent, examining the aesthetics of protest on the heels of the Arab Spring.