1 Dec 2016


Maryanne Amacher’s Intelligent Life cover,  circa 1982. Photo courtesy of Bowerbird.


"Adjacencies," 1965, score detail. Photo courtesy of Bowerbird.


Mauricio Kagel, Zwei Mann Orchester, installation shot. Photo courtesy of Bowerbird.


Dan Blacksberg, performer, Cage: Beyond Silence. Photo courtesy of Bowerbird.


American Sublime. Photo courtesy of Bowerbird.

Bowerbird is a presenting organization that, since 2006, has produced over 500 events, with a focus on what the organization describes as “experimental, outsider, avant, unknown, forgotten, futuristic, and rediscovered types of music.” Center-supported projects include Cage: Beyond Silence (2012), a series of John Cage’s major musical compositions, in conjunction with the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Center-funded exhibition Dancing Around the Bride, and That Which Is Fundamental, the first multi-concert retrospective of African American composer Julius Eastman’s (1940–90) work. In 2017, Bowerbird received a Project grant for Sound Machines: Kagel's Zwei Mann Orchester, presenting the US premiere of a large-scale sound sculpture conceived by late composer and artist Mauricio Kagel. A 2018 grant has supported Making The Third Ear, delving into the work of pioneering sound artist Maryanne Amacher (1938-2009).