Arch Street Meeting House Preservation Trust

1 Dec 2016


Most meetinghouses are ¼ of the size of the Arch Street Meeting House, which is so large because it was constructed to hold an annual meeting of Quakers from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware. Photo by Brian Kutner.


The historic worship space known as the West Room is little changed after more than two centuries of continuous use. Photo by Brian Kutner.

Made up of over 100 local Quaker Meeting communities in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Delaware, and Eastern Maryland, the Arch Street Meeting House is a regional hub for the Quaker community. The Arch Street Meeting House Preservation Trust aims to make this historic site the preeminent destination for learning about and experiencing Quaker values. In 2015, the organization was awarded a discovery grant to research new interpretive approaches to the Meeting House, leading to a series of pilot projects evaluating which stories, themes, and methods most successfully engage today's audiences.