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Questions of Practice

As a hub for the exchange of ideas and ongoing dialogue about issues critical to artistic practice, we produce an extensive collection of resources, both online and in print. Our Questions of Practice research series features interviews with and essays by noted field leaders and thinkers, as well as in-depth publications that grow out of our experience as cultural grantmakers. Through all of our knowledge-sharing activities, we aim to advance the arts and heritage fields and connect Philadelphia’s cultural community with peers nationally and internationally.

Questions of Practice

Date Title Contributors
4 Dec 2019

Questions of Practice: Art Historian Kristina Van Dyke on How Technology Can Introduce New Perspectives to Ancient Artifacts

Kristina Van Dyke
13 May 2019

Questions of Practice: Visual Artist Trenton Doyle Hancock on the Social Connotations of Dolls

Trenton Doyle Hancock
29 Apr 2019

Questions of Practice: Choreographer Reggie Wilson on the “Cultural Retentions” of Sacred Spaces

Reggie Wilson Yolanda Wisher
8 Aug 2016

Who Gets to Be Contemporary? Brooklyn Museum's Catherine Morris and Arcadia Gallery's Richard Torchia on Pati Hill

Catherine Morris Richard Torchia
25 Jul 2016

Questions of Practice: Composer and Pianist Vijay Iyer on Musical Lineage

Vijay Iyer
4 Apr 2016

Questions of Practice: Centrala's Michał Zadara and Barbara Wysocka on Classical Works and the Avant-Garde

29 Feb 2016

Questions of Practice: Conductor Donald Nally and Violinist Hanna Khoury on Blending Musical Traditions

Donald Nally Hanna Khoury
21 Jul 2015

God Must be a Dancer

Anna Halprin
18 May 2015

Questions of Practice: Graphic Artist Marian Bantjes on Textual Embellishment

Marian Bantjes
14 May 2015

Text Made Visible in the Works of Self-Taught Artists

Brooke Davis Anderson
11 May 2015

Just Say It or Think It and It Is So

Barkley L. Hendricks
11 May 2015

Marginal and Contemporary

Peter Saul
11 May 2015

When Are We Contemporary?

20 Apr 2015

"Whose Passion Are We Hearing?:" On Mendelssohn's Revival of the St. Matthew Passion

R. Larry Todd
26 Feb 2015

Susan Bernofsky on Artists as Translators

Susan Bernofsky
12 Jan 2015

Approaching psychylustro

Dushko Petrovich
12 Jan 2015

Learning to See psychylustro

Randy Mason
15 Dec 2014

Questions of Practice: Pew Fellow Sueyeun Juliette Lee on Audiences and Points of Access

Sueyeun Juliette Lee
10 Nov 2014

Embodying History: Conversation and Reflections

10 Jul 2014

Questions of Practice with Ken Vandermark: Is Jazz Dead?

Ken Vandermark
13 Jun 2014

Taking Inspiration from the Barnes Foundation Art Collection

Ken Vandermark
22 May 2014

Questions of Practice: Flamenco Master Israel Galván on Reinvigorating Tradition

10 Apr 2014

Miranda July on Riot Grrrl

Miranda July
7 Mar 2013

Paula Vogel on A Civil War Christmas and Interpreting History for the Stage

Paula Vogel