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Questions of Practice

As a hub for the exchange of ideas and ongoing dialogue about issues critical to artistic practice, we produce an extensive collection of resources, both online and in print. Our Questions of Practice research series features interviews with and essays by noted field leaders and thinkers, as well as in-depth publications that grow out of our experience as cultural grantmakers. Through all of our knowledge-sharing activities, we aim to advance the arts and heritage fields and connect Philadelphia’s cultural community with peers nationally and internationally.

Questions of Practice

Date Title Contributors
12 Sep 2019

Questions of Practice: Philadelphia Orchestra Music Director Yannick Nézet-Séguin on Contextualizing Classical Works

Yannick Nézet-Séguin
30 Jan 2017

Questions of Practice: Curator Ruth Estévez on Why Some Performances Should Remain in the Past

Ruth Estévez
15 Aug 2016

Mind, Movement, and Memory: Douglas Crimp and Peter Eleey on Choreographer Trisha Brown

Douglas Crimp Peter Eleey
1 Jun 2015

Transmitting Dance Across Generations: On the Making of A Steady Pulse: Restaging Lucinda Childs, 1963–78

Lucinda Childs
13 Apr 2015

"Pictures and Props:" An Excerpt from Barbara Kasten: Stages

Alex Klein
2 Feb 2015

From "An Art of Refusal: Lucinda Childs' Dances in Silence, 1973–78"

Suzanne Carbonneau
29 Dec 2014

Again, In Another Time and Space

Patricia Lent Shannon Jackson Richard Schechner
1 Dec 2014

An Introduction to Restaging & Reconstruction

23 Oct 2014

Questions of Practice: "What is Reenactment?"

Shannon Jackson Patricia Lent Richard Schechner
21 Oct 2014

Questions of Practice: "What is Reconstruction?"

Richard Schechner
18 Sep 2014

Fighting Like a Man: A Conversation with Civil War Reenactor Wendy Ramsburg

Scott Magelssen
24 Jan 2014

Second Preface for The History of Madness

Pierre Bal-Blanc
14 Nov 2013

Repetition Island

Linda Caruso Haviland
7 Nov 2013

Putting Jason Back Together Again

28 Oct 2013

Skipping and Slipping Through Time with Lucinda Childs

Megan Bridge
22 Oct 2013

Re-Substantiating the Dance: William Forsythe's Synchronous Objects

Linda Caruso Haviland
17 Oct 2013

Unsettling the Score: Experiments in Notation, Part II

David Gutkin
19 Sep 2013

Unsettling the Score: Experiments in Notation, Part I

David Gutkin
23 Aug 2013

Every Copy an Original: William Forsythe on Restaging His Ballets

Linda Caruso Haviland