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Questions of Practice

As a hub for the exchange of ideas and ongoing dialogue about issues critical to artistic practice, we produce an extensive collection of resources, both online and in print. Our Questions of Practice research series features interviews with and essays by noted field leaders and thinkers, as well as in-depth publications that grow out of our experience as cultural grantmakers. Through all of our knowledge-sharing activities, we aim to advance the arts and heritage fields and connect Philadelphia’s cultural community with peers nationally and internationally.

Questions of Practice

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8 Apr 2019

Questions of Practice: Poet and Performer Tracie Morris on Preserving a “Feeling of Liveness” in a Museum Setting

Tracie Morris
18 Mar 2019

Questions of Practice: Choreographer Maria Hassabi on Dancing in Museum Spaces

Maria Hassabi
20 Sep 2018

Questions of Practice: Choreographer Boris Charmatz on How “The Museum Is The Body” In Dance

Boris Charmatz
1 Mar 2018

The Paradox of Dancing in a Museum

Marie Bardet
17 Oct 2017

Questions of Practice: Choreographer Boris Charmatz on Creating a Museum of Dance

Boris Charmatz
11 Jul 2017

What if an Art Collection Were Treated Like a Choreographic or Musical Score?

Carlos Basualdo Marie Bardet
11 Jul 2017

Contemplating the Museum as Score

Carlos Basualdo
5 Jun 2017

Questions of Practice: Choreographer Boris Charmatz on “Re-Enchanting” Public Space Through Dance

Boris Charmatz Simon Dove
8 Feb 2017

Questions of Practice: Barnes Foundation’s Thom Collins on Unpacking the Museum’s Collection Through Performance

Thom Collins
6 Sep 2016

Questions of Practice: Composer Jace Clayton and Barnes Director Thom Collins on the Making of Room 21

Jace Clayton Thom Collins
22 Jun 2016

Questions of Practice: Choreographer Stephen Petronio and Artist Janine Antoni on Performance in a Museum Setting

Janine Antoni Stephen Petronio
28 Sep 2015

Questions of Practice: Walker Art Center's Philip Bither on Curatorial Choices

Philip Bither
10 Aug 2015

Questions of Practice: Visiting Scholar Kristy Edmunds on the Role of Audiences in Preserving Performance

Kristy Edmunds
26 May 2015

Questions of Practice: Dance Critic Claudia La Rocco on Dancing in Museums

Claudia La Rocco
16 Sep 2014

Questions of Practice: MoMA's Thomas Lax on Dance in Museums

Thomas J. Lax
1 Apr 2014

Questions of Practice: Simon Dove of the Crossing the Line Festival

Simon Dove
11 Mar 2014

Questions of Practice: Choreographer Cynthia Oliver on Dancing in Museums

Cynthia Oliver