Ain Gordon, 2018-19 Visiting Artist


Ain Gordon in a 2017 performance of Radicals In Miniature, with Ed Fitzgerald and Josh Quillen. Photo by Paula Court.

Award-winning writer, director, and actor Ain Gordon returned to The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage for a seven-month term as a Visiting Artist. As the inaugural Visiting Artist in 2011, Gordon engaged in a residency designed as a creative exchange between a working artist and the Center’s staff, constituents, and communities—work he continued in 2018-19 in response to the evolving practices of Philadelphia’s cultural practitioners and the Center’s grantmaking work.

“Ain is a talented interlocutor,” notes the Center’s executive director, Paula Marincola. “He has a distinctive ability to think across disciplines and ask challenging questions that open up new possibilities for what can happen within artistic practice. We’re excited to have him back as a thinking partner for Center constituents and staff.”

In serving as a conduit between the Center and its grantees, Gordon’s past work includes the creation of the White Box Residencies, a program that invited outside artists to creatively explore the physical space of The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage and to interact with its staff, and An Experiment in Five Acts, a program designed for artists and cultural producers negotiating mid-career challenges. Gordon also contributed to Push Me, Pull You, a series addressing issues of co-authorship and collaboration. Read more about his previous tenure as Visiting Artist here.

Upon his return, we asked Gordon to reflect on developments in the field at large and here in Philadelphia.

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