Sara Felder

30 Nov 2016

Trained by San Francisco's Pickle Family Circus, Sara Felder is a solo theater artist, playwright, and juggler. While the themes of her plays and performances are serious, her form is vaudeville. Her solo shows include June Bride, the story of her own lesbian wedding, and the Center-supported autobiography Out of Sight: A Blind Comedy About God, Israel, and My Mom, in which a mother, nearly blind, and her adult daughter bond over their love of art but fail to see eye-to-eye on Israel. Felder has toured with Jugglers for Peace in Cuba, the Women's Circus in Nicaragua, and Joel Grey's Borscht Capades. As the Bay Area Reporter puts it, "Calling Sara Felder a juggler is a little like referring to Michelangelo as that guy who painted ceilings."