What Are You Doing at 3:15 p.m.? Meg Foley Dances for action is primary

06 Apr 2016


Meg Foley. Photo by LBrowning Photography.

For the past four years, Pew Fellow Meg Foley (2012) has been inserting unexpected performance into ordinary life with her 3:15 dance project, in which she creates a dance, wherever she is, at exactly 3:15 p.m.

From April 6-23, Foley's daily dances and research into improvisational performance practice culminate in the Center-funded action is primary, an exhibition and performance series at the Icebox Project Space at Crane Arts. Performance tickets are available online.>>

In collaboration with performers Kristel Baldoz, Marysia Stokłosa, and Annie Wilson, Foley has captured a series of 3:15 dances through photo, video, sound, and writing on the action is primary website. This documentation forms the basis of the gallery exhibition, curated by Foley and Marissa Perel. Combined with live performances, the exhibition examines "how attention, imagination, embodied presence, and the ghosts of our choices tumble through our immediate experience," as Foley explains.

We asked Foley what surprised her during the process of creating the project, to which she replied:

"When I first initiated the 3:15 dance project, I thought of it as a way to combine daily practice with direct audience relationship. As it turns out, and what was immediately surprising, is that most people don't notice unless you are in very close proximity to them, even if you are 'dancing big.' This prompted a genuine inquiry into how I define dance and an identification of the finer lines between performing and not-performing. This line and this shift is always present, always available, and a creative space that we all hold in negotiating our experience of being in the world."

View the full schedule of performances and events.>>