South Indian Music and Dance Styles Come Together in the World Premiere of Saayujya (The Merging), April 30

22 Apr 2016


Priyadarsini Govind and T. M. Krishna in Saayujya. Photo by S. Hariharan. Courtesy of Sruti.

On April 30, Sruti, The India Music and Dance Society presents the world premiere of Saayujya (The Merging), a performance piece interpreting classical South Indian music and dance, inspired by themes of liberty and freedom drawn from Philadelphia's history. Performance tickets are available online.>>

The one-night only performance at Annenberg Center Live brings two of India's preeminent artists to Philadelphia: Bharata natyam dancer Priyadarsini Govind and Carnatic musician T.M. Krishna. For Saayujya, Krishna and Govind will interlace elements of classical repertoire grounded in tradition with improvised segments, in which each will creatively respond to the other's solos.

"It is from revisiting the past, beyond our own predispositions and habituations, that we know tradition. The 'modern' evolves from this realization," Krishna has said.

Saayujya explores "the concept of freedom, of transcending the individual self through art. It's about... completely letting go and feeling the sheer liberation of the soul within oneself," Govind recently told WNYC's John Schafer.