Previews Philadelphia Mural Arts Program's and Katharina Grosse's Upcoming psychylustro

21 Mar 2014


Installation view of Katharina Grosse: One Floor Up More Highly at MASS MoCA, December 2010 to January 2012. Photo by Arthur Evans, courtesy of MASS MoCA. gives us a sneak preview of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program's upcoming Center-funded project: temporary public art installations by Berlin-based artist Katharina Grosse, designed to make our daily commutes more colorful.

According to writer Gabrielle Bonghi, "Grosse has been working on a series of seven bright, bold temporary installations, called psychylustro, [which] will line the city's rail at seven locations between 30th Street and North Philadelphia stations beginning in spring of 2014, visible to about 34,000 daily commuters."

Grosse, who uses spray-paints her installations with saturated colors, will employ her technique along railway corridors and then leave her artworks for the surrounding environment to "reclaim" over time. According to curator Elizabeth Thomas, "The project aims to frame viewers' railway journey and intensify the experience of their surroundings."

The installation will take place from April 29 until mid-May, at which time, a public opening will take place. Grosse will engage in a public talk with Philadelphia Museum of Art curator Carlos Basualdo on Sunday, May 18.

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