Nichole Canuso's Midway Avenue in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Magazine, and More

05 May 2014


Nichole Canuso in Midway Avenue. Photo by Peggy Woolsey.

Nichole Canuso Dance Company's Center-supported premiere performances of Midway Avenue, which took place at FringeArts from May 2–4, have received a great deal of media attention, including a positive review from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Midway Avenue is a solo performance that uses personal reminiscences and universal yearnings to explore the relationship between memory and self. The planning and discovery process behind this new work also received Center support in 2011.

In her Inquirer review, Merilyn Jackson writes, "Canuso always works hard on her productions, yet they have a deceptive simplicity. Over the 18 years I've watched her dances, I feel her previous works were preludes to this, her most winsome and revelatory." Read more >

At NewsWorks, Jennifer Lynn explains that "The idea for the show arose when Canuso was researching a more theoretical project. 'Images from my childhood started to come up,' [Canuso] said. 'Little by little, that crept into the piece I ended up making.'" Read more >

In a recent Q&A with Philadelphia Magazine, Canuso said, "This feels like the most directly personal work I've made to date. I'm speaking more than I normally do onstage. There is a lot of abstraction but I also reveal a certain amount of information about myself. All that said, Midway Avenue is more about the universal questions of memory and repetition and self-imposed structures than it is about me." Read more >