New Video Series: Pew Fellows Share Poems from Home

11 May 2020

In April, we introduced a new video series called Pew Fellows from Home, featuring dispatches from our Fellows. We asked these artists to share how they’re staying creative while staying in, beginning with contributions from several poets—in recognition of National Poetry Month.

Below, watch poetry readings from Trapeta B. Mayson, Thomas Devaney, Kevin Varrone, Pattie McCarthy, and Yolanda Wisher—and be sure to follow us on Instagram for more videos and interviews coming soon.


Trapeta B. Mayson, “We Will Make Something”

We are the builders, the creators, and the magicians of our lives.
We are the designers and the inventors of our lives.
And we will make something out of this too.

Pew Fellows from Home: Trapeta B. Mayson


Thomas Devaney, “A Week in the Childhood of W.C. Fields”

Monday was a milk cart.
Tuesday, an open-body dump truck and a gang of
cursing boots. Wednesday was a boxcar that everyone
said carried raw sugar, and everyone had the sugar to
prove it.

Pew Fellows from Home: Thomas Devaney


Kevin Varrone, from “Postcards From Nowhere”

even the dog doesn’t seem thrilled about another walk around the neighborhood.
still, the sunshine feels like someone left a plate of cookies on the doorstep
to welcome us to the neighborhood.

Pew Fellows from Home: Kevin Varrone


Pattie McCarthy, “A Lecture on Tides”

knuckles of sea-wrack
the tide being out — we walk it

this is what I was afraid of —
I say five times a day

Pew Fellows from Home: Pattie McCarthy


Yolanda Wisher, “The Potters Field”

one day we will all be ancestors
fluffs of cosmos that float in & out of our loved ones bodies
in dust they kick up with their feet

Pew Fellows from Home: Yolanda Wisher


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