Flesh and Blood & Fish and Fowl in Time Out London. The Independent, and the Londonist

26 Jan 2011


Geoff Sobelle and Charlotte Ford in Flesh and Blood & Fish and Fowl. Photo by Jacques-Jean Tiziou.

Pew Fellow Geoff Sobelle's Center-funded Flesh and Blood & Fish and Fowl, which traveled to London in early 2011, received media attention from Time Out London, The Independent, and the Londonist.

The production, a "dystopian delight—part bastard child of Beckett, part The Day of the Triffids and part taxidermy spectacular—takes the audience on a gloriously absurdist waltz to the end of time," according to Time Out London. Read more >

On Geoff Sobelle and Charlotte Ford, who played the roles of co-workers Gerry and Rhoda, The Independent's Jenny Gilbert said "he devises elaborate routines for the rearrangement of Post-It notes, or hatches angry plots to trap passing flies, she indulges a compulsive snacking habit, crunching and slurping furtively behind filing cabinets, or abusing the microwave, if only to annoy her office-mate with its beeps." Read more >

Londonist critic Victoria Rudland said "a hugely entertaining, dark satire on corporate life, office politics and human nature, this tale of the natural world taking its revenge underlines the insignificance of the trivialities of human life and its societal structures in the face of the beautiful, terrifying power of nature." Read more >