Fellows Friday: Zoe Strauss at the Carnegie International, Social Seating Structures by Brian Phillips, and More

20 Sep 2013


Zoe Strauss, Homestead Portrait Studio, part of the series Homesteading, a multifaceted collaborative project based in Homestead, PA, including an installation of photographic prints and video projections at Carnegie Museum of Art. Commissioned by the Carnegie Museum of Art for the 2013 Carnegie International. Photo by Greenhouse Media.

Exhibitions and Events

Photographer Zoe Strauss' (Pew Fellow, 2005) Homestead Portrait Studio, a project of the 2013 Carnegie International, is in full swing. The Carnegie International is the Carnegie Museum of Art's signature survey series, a preeminent exhibition of new international art in the United States, which opens October 5 in Pittsburgh, PA. Throughout the past year, Strauss has been assembling images, historical documents, cabinet cards, and other ephemera related to Homestead, PA, which she has gathered in the entrance area of her pop-up portrait studio. More information >

Pure Contraption, Absolute Gift, a work for piano by composer James Primosch (1996) that premiered in April of this year, will be performed at Smith College in Northampton, MA on September 29 and in Boston, MA on October 2. The premiere of his A Flutist's Sketchbook takes place October 22 in Philadelphia. More information >

Urban Jewels: Denyse Thomasos' Big Canvases, 1993–1999, an exhibition of paintings by Denyse Thomasos (1995), is on view at the Maclaren Arts Centre in Ontario, Canada through November 3. More information >

Heartthrobs, avatars, playboys and warriors, an exhibition of embroidered x-rays by Matthew Cox (2008), is on view at Pentimenti Gallery in Philadelphia through October 19. More information >

Fellows in the News

University City District of Philadelphia unveils Looped In, an innovative new social seating structure that encourages gathering and interaction, designed by Brian Phillips (2011) and Interface Studio Architects. Looped In debuted on September 6 at the Porch at 30th Street Station. More information >

Philly.com reports that writer Jay Kirk (2005) was "sent to Romania by Harper's Magazine to find the descendants of the Romanian peasants who played for and influenced composer Béla Bartók. The journey into darkness would only comprise one part of his next book, excerpted as 'Bartók's Monster' in the October issue of Harper's." Read more >

The Institute of Contemporary Art's (ICA) blog, Miranda, recently posted a profile of ceramicist Paul Swenbeck (2013), who is also the ICA's chief preparator: "He points out the magic circle in the piece, the staging area for familiars, the Plexiglas and shadow spirits drifting through the space." Read more >

Publications & Recordings

Poets Frank Sherlock (2013) and Carlos Soto-Roman worked with musician Kinan Abou-afach (2013) to compose No Formal Space for Intimacy. The audio piece accompanies their statement about the project on the literary blog, Jacket2. More information >