Fallow Event Engages Audiences

Jane Moss of People's Light & Theatre Company brought to the Center's attention a blog post by one of the company's subscribers following "The Road Not Taken," a panel discussion that was the last in a series of free community events during the run of the Center-funded, world premiere of Fallow.

In the play Fallow, Elizabeth Hayes, upon discovering a cache of unsent letters, rushes to rural California on a quest to meet the men who murdered her son, Aaron, a young man who abandoned his Ivy-League pedigree to work as a beekeeper and migrant farm worker. Like the journey that changed her life, the panel featured four members from the theater's community who had experience with life-altering situations, including Carol Metzker, a writer who helps victims of sexual slavery, and Michaelanne Harrisman, a visual artist who directs Community Arts at the Ayuda Community Center in Philadelphia. These inspiring leaders discussed how they switched from a more traditional life journey to something radically different and deeply meaningful.

The blog post revealed the power of audience enhancement events and the impact they can have on how an audience member processes the meaning of a work of art. Diane Mina Weltman, the author of the blog post, wrote that "each participant shared a common leap from one path to another, though they would probably say instead of leaping, they listened. In moments of aching clarity, these individuals described why they made significant life changes to help others."

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