Dancing around the Bride in the New York Times

24 Jan 2013

During Dancing around the Bride's run at the Philadelphia Museum of Art from October 2012 to January 2013, the exhibition received a string of glowing reviews from the New York Times.

Holland Cotter wrote, "Just under the wire, I've found a top candidate for favorite museum show of the year. [...] An ensemble performance entirely of stars, with an elusive sun, Marcel Duchamp, at the center, it focuses on a transformative moment in American Modernism when a heroic view of art ended, and another view, cool, wry, and brainy, began." Read more >

In a 1968 Newsweek interview, Johns called Cunningham his "favorite artist in any field" and described his work as having a "fascinating richness and multiplicity of direction." Alastair Macaulay expanded on these threads and others after speaking with the then 82-year-old artist about working with Merce Cunningham and Marcel Duchamp and the interconnectivity of their professional lives. Read more >

In another article by Macaulay, he called the exhibit "a triumph," saying that it "successfully illustrated many (by no means all) of the connections among these five very different men—still provocative, still rightly controversial—and proved stimulating, informative, enlightening." Read more >