Pop Cinema: Art and Film in the UK and US, 1950s – 1970s

Lightbox Film Center at International House Philadelphia



Image courtesy of International House Philadelphia.

Curated by William Kaizen, and comprising more than 20 films, Pop Cinema was the first exhibition to present its subject as a distinct film genre. It featured over five hours of rarely screened British and American films that combine elements of popular culture, popular art, and the cinematic avant-garde. Part one focused on "UK Pop," and included films by and about members of the London-based Independent Group, films by Jeff Keen and Derek Boshier, and Ken Russell's documentary Pop Goes the Easel. Part two focused on "US Pop," and included works by Stan VanDerBeek, Kenneth Anger, Marie Menken, and many more. A panel discussion on the topic of pop and cinema, with leading scholars in cinema studies and art history—among them the art historian Kalliopi Minioudaki, and University of Michigan Museum of Art curator Jacob Proctor—accompanied the program.