That Which is Fundamental: Predicated. + A Recollection. Exhibitions

4 - 28 May 2017
Slought Foundation, 4017 Walnut Street, Philadelphia


Julius Eastman in Buffalo. Photographer unknown. Courtesy of Bowerbird.

As part of its multi-part project That Which Is Fundamental, Bowerbird presents two exhibitions curated by visual artist and Pew Fellow Tiona McClodden that explore the work and legacy of the late African American composer Julius Eastman. A Recollection. offers a historical remembrance of Eastman featuring archival traces of his work, while Predicated. places the work of ten contemporary artists in conversation with Eastman’s work to explore notions of absence, duration, and improvisation present in the composer’s work.

That Which Is Fundamental is the first multi-concert retrospective of Eastman, who was an active composer in the 1970s and 80s, but who died homeless at the age of 49, leaving an incomplete but compelling collection of scores and recordings. Informed by research completed with support from a 2015 Center Discovery grant, Bowerbird will present four concerts highlighting Eastman’s compositional practice accompanied by an exhibition of video works inspired by Eastman’s archival materials.