When Museums Tackle Tough Topics: Race, Science, and The Penn Museum

4 May 2017
6:30pm - 8pm
The Penn Museum, 3260 South Street, Philadelphia


Photo by Steve Minicola, courtesy of University of Pennsylvania.

The Penn Museum at the University of Pennsylvania presents a discussion on the process of creating its recent Center-funded public classroom series Science and Race: History, Use, and Abuse. The presentation will reflect on the challenges and successes of the project and feature short videos of each class. Moderated by Kate Quinn, the Museum’s director of exhibitions and public programs, the panel includes John L. Jackson, Jr., dean of the School of Social Policy and Practice at Richard Perry University; Janet Monge, curator-in-charge of physical anthropology at the Penn Museum, and Arjun Shankar, post-doctoral fellow in the School of Social Policy and Practice.

Science and Race: History, Use, and Abuse was a series of public conversations held in the fall of 2016 that explored the complex aspects of the historical origins of race theory, and why it matters today, featuring experts in genetics and biology, criminal justice, and community health, and the history of science.