The Veterans' Dreams Project: Combat Paper-Making Workshop

20 Feb 2016
10am - 2pm
The Kimmel Center, Commonwealth Plaza, 300 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia


Holding It Down, Harlem Stage. Photo by Mark Millman Photography. Courtesy of Kimmel Center, Inc.

In conjunction with the Center-funded project Holding It Down: the Veterans' Dreams Project, the Kimmel Center, Inc. holds a hands-on workshop with Combat Paper, a national group that specializes in crafting paper from military uniforms. Participants will create combat paper by forming discarded uniforms into sheets of paper, which will be used to print the writing and poetry of local veterans.

The Veterans' Dreams Project is a thought-provoking multimedia work of music, poetry, and visuals that illuminates the lived experiences of minority veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. A collaboration between jazz pianist, composer, and MacArthur Fellow Vijay Iyer and poet, performer, and librettist Mike Ladd, the evening-length work engages local veteran communities and Warrior Writers, a veteran-focused arts organization.

This workshop is free and open to the public.