Tradition – An Evolving Continuum

7 Nov 2015
6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Painted Bride Art Center, 230 Vine Street, Philadelphia


Artists N Muralikrishnan (Keyboard), Shruthi Rajasekar (Tambura), Kiranavali Vidyasankar (Voice & Chitravina), V V S Murari (Violin), and Nirmala Rajasekar (Vina) during rehearsals for Tradition – An Evolving Continuum. Photo by Nan Melville.

Tradition – An Evolving Continuum is a pioneering effort to bring together prominent Carnatic musicians residing in the United States to form a unique vocal-instrumental ensemble, highlighting the rich history of Carnatic music and its continued evolution. Musicians from traditional lineages join the second generation of Indians to blend age-old instruments—such as the chitravina, vina, mridangam, ghatam, and kanjira—with those adapted from the West, such as violin, saxophone, and electronic keyboard.

Funded by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage and presented by Sruti, Tradition – An Evolving Continuum is led by composer and director Kiranavali Vidyasankar.

The artists include:

Vinod Seetharaman (Collaboration & mrdangam)
V V S Murari (violin)
Nirmala Rajasekhar (vina)
Prasant Radhakrishnan (saxophone)
N. Muralikrishnan (electronic keyboard)
Ravi Balasubramanian (ghatam)
Akshay Anantapadmanabhan (rhythmic solfage and kanjira)