Trade Winds from Tibet

21 Nov 2010
19:30:00 - 21:30:00
Ethical Society

Presented by Network for New Music

Andrea Clearfield's acclaimed "Lung-ta, the Windhorse" moved Network for New Music audiences in 2009 with its deep spirituality and evocation of the vanishing horse culture of Lo Monthang in a remote region of Nepal. In her continuing effort to preserve this endangered music, Clearfield recently returned to Nepal to gather more Tibetan folk songs. That music becomes an inspiration for another new chamber work, and for new music by Eric Moe, Michael Djupstrom and Tony Solitro. Together with a reprise of the stunning "Lung-ta" and a performance of traditional Tibetan folk tunes, this concert is an expression of the musical and human connections between Eastern and Western cultures and philosophies.Ethical Society Building 1906 S. Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia, PA 19103 [Buy Tickets]( $20 general admission / $15 senior admission / $10 student admission (all tickets $5 more at the door)Info Phone: 215.848.7647
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