Susan Rethorst/Moving in Philadelphia: 2013–2014

16 - 19 Jan 2014
Arts Bank, Broad & South Streets, Philadelphia


Susan Rethorst. Photo by JJ Tiziou.

Choreographer Susan Rethorst has said, "In my work, I rely on these ineffable dimensions of movement; the extraordinary phenomenon that we study every day as we decide who to talk to, where to sit on the bus and what we think; we read every situation through movement. To make performance out of this aspect of our nature, this phenomena, is what fascinates me."

Philadelphia Dance Projects presents the finale to a year-long range of creative and performance activities in the Philadelphia region with new work by venerated New York "downtown dance" artist Susan Rethorst choreographed for Group Motion Dance Company and its cast of dancer/creators including David Konyck, Ellie Goudie-Averill, Gregory Holt, Lesya Popil and others.