Susan Rethorst residency: Marcel W. Foster wrecking

18 May 2013
13:00:00 - 15:00:00
Mascher coop

Jane's Life Gets Wrecked

Please join Jane Goodall as her life gets wrecked formally by Susan Rethorst.

What is wrecking?

"Wrecking" is a process during which one choreographer is invited midway into the making of a piece to pretend that it's hers to meddle with and recreate for a day. Rethorst wrote: “He [Tere O’Connor, the choreographer Rethorst invited to her own rehearsal] entered into the rehearsal process and looked at the piece as though it was to become his from that moment forward, changing it to his liking, imposing his own aesthetic with complete disregard for my intentions. I then took back the rehearsals, with the same attitude toward his changes...akin to culture shock; disorienting, the center of gravity shifted.” For more detail about Rethorst’s wreckings, read this New York Times article.

What? Jane Goodall is dancing now?

Marcel W. Foster studied chimpanzees with the Jane Goodall Institute Research Center for five years, and published several papers about their behavior. Confused & confounded with the politics that surround scientific research, he joined forces with Hyphen-Nation Arts in 2010 and co-created The Jane Goodall: Experience, a drag-parody of Jane Goodall & an examination of his experience as a researcher. This summer drag-Jane will return to her alma mater, Stanford University, and speak at the Performance Studies International Conference. Before this, however, Susan Rethorst will WRECK her lecture.

This wrecking (as well as a wreck of Megan Bridge's/fidget's work) is the final event in the Bryn Mawr College Performing Arts Series project Susan Rethorst: Inquiring Mind / Choreographic Mind.

Free admission, register to reserve a space.

Mascher Space Co-op
155 Cecil B. Moore Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Above: Christina Gesualdi and Jane Goodall. Photo by Kate Raines.