Susan Foster Kinesthetic Empathies & the Politics of Compassion

11 Sep 2011
16:00:00 - 17:30:00
Live Arts Studio

Live Arts Studio
919 North 5th Street (at Poplar)
Philadelphia, PA

Susan Foster performs her lectures. She hurls herself around the auditorium, climbing over seats, attacking the podium. All while dancing--whether on stage or in the audience--she explores the topic of the dancing body and the nature of movement, putting in front of the audience an example of the subject she lectures about. After all, how can you truly communicate about the nature of performance without performing?

*Kinesthetic Empathies & The Politics of Compassion *is a danced lecture that explores how and what people feel while they are watching dance. It looks at various theories about how dancing provokes physical feelings in its audience, arguing that there is no immediate or unmitigated connection between performers and viewers, but instead, that such a connection is culturally constructed and can be traced though historical events. Susan Foster's insights into this relationship come from her engaging delivery of ideas through words and performance.

Dr. Susan Foster is a choreographer, dancer, and writer who began presenting concerts of her own work in 1977. Her books include Choreographing Empathy: Kinesthesia in Performance (Routledge, 2010), and Choreography and Narrative (Indiana University Press, 1996).

This event is free.