Skins & Songs

13 May 2012
15:00:00 - 17:00:00
Painted Bride Art Center


  • Photo of Philip Hamilton's "Voices", by Guillaume Ajavon*

Skins & Songs : Spoken Hand Percussion Orchestra meets Phillip Hamilton’s Voices to deliver an evening of original works

The 14 drummers of Spoken Hand Percussion Orchestra and the 8 vocalists of Phillip Hamilton’s “Voices” have worked together to create a new collaborative work that pushes artistic boundaries while challenging cultural ones. An innovative and powerful model for creating new work, this process has been one of exploration, discovery and creation. Voice and drums are at the base of all cultural traditions as the most primal and expressive musical instruments. They are quite unique when joined, especially with these ensembles. Spoken Hand represents four different cultural traditions; each represented by a batterie, not a single instrument. Voices, has a similar uniqueness, in the range of elements they cover.

Spoken Hand: Since its inception fifteen years ago, this uniquely robust orchestra of percussionists has traveled the road on a journey to explore the new compositional possibilities in world music by fusing four percussion batteries into one distinct voice: North Indian tabla, Afro Cuban bata, Brazilian samba and West African djembe. Known for its high-energy live performances, audiences are literally swept up and away from their seats to travel to four corners of the globe. The sheer sonic force has shaken the foundation of countless houses and concert halls, leaving audiences in awe each time.

Voices: "Voices” is an original, a cappella performance group conceived by composer/vocalist Philip Hamilton. Hamilton created this group to take audiences on a vocal journey merging cultures, time periods and vocal styles.

Tickets: General admission price: ($25 in advance, $30 day of the show); Discounts for students and seniors with valid ID, and 20% discounts for patrons of Ticket Discount program (to buy tickets and learn more about these discounts, click here).

230 Vine St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106